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Family Photography

Are you tired of uninspired family photos? 


Of course you are!!  What you want are pictures that make your heart swell every time you see them!  Photos you will hang on your wall, plaster over social media, and even use as your phone’s wallpaper!  You want photos that inspire emotion!!!  Is that too much to ask?  No, it’s not!  But then why is it so hard to get heart bursting photos of your family? 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… it’s not.  

I know, I know, I know… right now you’re saying… “uhhh yes it is, I’m constantly taking pictures and my kids/husband/dog won’t cooperate!”  Trust me, I get it!  As soon as you pull out your phone to capture that adorable moment – the moment stops, or they move so it’s blurry, or, and this one drives me nuts, they put on that fake “say cheese” smile. 

puddle jumping.jpg

So, what’s the secret?  How do you get that perfect family photo? 


Stop looking for perfection! 


Your family isn’t perfect, and that is what makes them wonderful! 


When you choose Walk in the Woods Photography, I strive to take photos of who your family really is, in all their imperfect glory!  We’ll let the kids play, let dad be… “Dad”, and even let Fido be a bit of a crazy maniac.  We’ll do whatever makes your family… your family! 


In the end, I promise you will adore the results. 

Contact me today for a quote, or click here for a price list!  I’d love to have a chat about your family and how I can capture soul-stirring images that you will cherish!

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